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Rinjani Restaurant

Open Daily :7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
This finest dinning restaurant opens onto beautiful landscape, swimming pool and beach, serving asian foods combine with the best vintages over the world, Located at Lobby Lounge. Open for breakfast Lunch and dinner.

Special Menu: Nasi Tumpeng (rice cone)

Nasi Tumpeng (rice cone) is a way of serving rice and side dish in the shape of a cone, and therefore also called rice cone. Processed rice is used generally in the form of yellow rice, though often also used plain white rice. This is a typical way of presenting rice by the people of Betawi descent Java or Java and are usually made at the time of festivity or celebration of an important event. Nevertheless, the Indonesian people in general recognize this activity.
Regular rice cone served on tampah (traditional round containers of woven bamboo) and covered with banana leaves.

Special Menu: Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang is a spicy Indonesian chicken dish from Lombok.
Ayam Taliwang is made with chicken (preferably free range), which is cut and cleaned prior to grilling. Once it has been grilled halfway, it is removed from the grill and tenderized with a pestle. It is then dipped in cooking oil; after several seconds in the oil, it is put in a spicy sauce of garlic, chili, and shrimp paste. It is then fried or grilled to order.
Ayam Taliwang physically appears similar to regular grilled or fried chicken, with a covering of sambal. Its taste is sweet and spicy, with traces of shrimp paste. It can be served with a side of water spinach (plecing) and eggplant (beberuk) covered with chili sauce.

Special Menu: Bebek Betutu

Bebek Betutu (betutu duck) is cooking Balinese pride. Usually made ​​of duck wrapped in banana leaves, then wrapped again with the stem nut is so tight. Duck planted in holes in the ground and covered with hot coals for 6-7 minutes until cooked.